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Five Tips for a Successful Garage Sale in Miami

Five Tips for a Successful Garage Sale in Miami

Five Tips for a Successful Garage Sale in Miami

A garage sale is a great and quick way to earn some money. But if you want to bring in buyers to take those unwanted items off your hands, it’s going to take more than just laying them on the grass. Use the following tips on your next Miami garage sale:

Take Inventory

Before you lay out your items for people to buy, go through them and record the ones that have been in your house for a while but may be of value to someone else. These might be toys, books, old souvenirs, appliances, and clothes. By taking inventory, you can separate the items that can go for an extra buck or two.


Organize your display to make it easy for potential buyers to browse through your items. Put up sale labels, signs and place bins at strategic locations to make the process easier for you and your buyers.


A little advertising will not hurt your garage sale. Put up flyers around your neighborhood and make calls to your neighbors to help get the word out.

Reach Out

Listing your garage sale in the local daily is a good and effective way to reach out. The Miami Herald has a section for garage sale adverts and you should use it. Also, check for any other outlet where you can list an ad for more local exposure.


If you find a few remaining items after your garage sale, give them out to one of the several organizations in Miami that are willing to take the remnants off your hands. You will be surprised how important these items can be to others.