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Eleven South Beach Parking Guides and Mysteries

Eleven South Beach Parking Guides and Mysteries

Eleven South Beach Parking Guides and Mysteries

South Beach parking can be a pain in you know where but instead of complaining, here are 11 tips and guides on how to make parking less painful.

In Miami, the cost of parking is $18 compared to the valet charge of $20. By choosing to park, you avoid valet wait time and thrill rides. The only downside of paying for parking is you have to find a parking spot near your destination or you’ll have to walk in those six-inch heels.

Avoid street parking because it went up by 50% to $1.50 per hour. Choose parking lots instead because you can pay on exit and you avoid the hustle of running back to pay the meter or ticket – plus they still charge $1 per hour.

It is free to park in commercial loading zones after 6 p.m. Find them and you will be lucky.

If you are at the Miami Beach Marina, there’s a lot at Monty’s that has a few covered visitor spots. You can even leave your car there if you have one too many.

You can park at a broken meter for free. Just make sure that you leave an explanatory note on your car’s dashboard.

You won’t get a ticket during a storm. Maybe the parking enforcers fear their tickets being blown away or the print rendered unreadable but they just won’t give tickets in the rain. This is a parking mystery that is yet to be resolved.

What is a residential zone and what does it mean? How do you get one? If you fail to properly scratch off the dates, is there a hitch?

Your car can get towed within minutes. Don’t risk anything, stay on the right side of the law.

Some spots still use the old meters requiring coins or pay-by-phone parking cards. Others have been upgraded to use credit cards.

How do you get the marker that exempts your car from tickets and towing? Is there a secret society of parking? We’ve heard rumors of its existence, so if you know how to get in, let us know.

The money that we spend on parking takes care of the construction costs that keep our streets nice and bumpy.